Dukes Hotel – Palm JumeirahBeach Profiling & Nourishment works

Oceana Beach profiling Beach Sand Dubai UAE BHMK


Dukes Hotel is part of the Oceana Residences complex on the western side of the main trunk of Palm Jumeirah. Dukes Hotel is a boutique-style property with British heritage. The hotel has a beach club and shares its beach with the Oceana residences complex.


The beach area of the hotel required complete cleaning and nourishment works. Due to a lack of access to heavy machinery, there were no previous maintenance works done at the beach area. Erosion had removed a significant quantity of sand. The sand was contaminated and required rehabilitation. 


BHMK was appointed as the main marine contractor for the work. We supplied the client with several samples of high-quality beach sand to choose from.

The main challenge for the project was to find a way to transport the material from our sand-washing factory to the client’s location. The building developer did not consider site access for trucks and heavy vehicles to the beach area. The beach required approximately 1200 cubic meters of beach sand. We delivered the material via 400 trips of tipper trucks and deployed S140 bobcats for leveling and nourishment works.


The project took place in the summer of 2021 when the hotel occupancy rate was at the minimum. We completely renovated the beach at the Sofitel Resort the palm.

The new sand is whiter more uniform in shape and free from any contaminant.

The beach’s new profile curve is more suitable for the beachgoers and the relative elevation of the hardscape area of the resort till the HAT line of the water.

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