Retreat Hotel – Palm JumeirahBeach Profiling & Nourishment works

Retreat the Palm Dubai M Gallery by Sofitel is the first wellness resort concept in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. The resort is part of the Accor group of hotels and is considered a boutique resort catering to a niche market mostly focusing on health and wellness.

This resort is located on the east crescent of Palm Jumeirah overlooking the island with its very own private beach area.


The resort sits on the eastern crescent of Palm Jumeirah. The plot has a modest 100 meters long beach with a width of approximately 30 meters. Given the high foot traffic on the beach, it requires regular maintenance to maintain high quality soft beach sand year round.


BHMK has been maintaining the beach for Retreat since 2017. We supplied hundreds of cubic meters of beach sand in the last few years to ensure the beach maintains its high quality for its guests.


Due to high tidal movements on the beach plot and high usage by the guests, the beach is prone to sand erosion. By topping up the lost sand on yearly basis, we ensure the sand on the beach is always fresh and ready for the guests. 

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