Sofitel – Palm Jumeirah ResortBeach Profiling & Nourishment works

Sofitel Hotels is a major French luxury chain of hotels with a large number of branches in different parts of the world. Sofitel hotel is part of the Accor Group 

Their first major Resort in UAE was opened in Dubai Palm Jumeirah back in 2013.

The Resort is built on the east crescent of Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai.


Since the hotel opened its doors about a decade ago, thousands of guests have used the 500 meters long beach area of the property. while the resort’s beach area is overlooking the inland waterways of the island, still the tidal movements cause sand erosion. 

The client required fix their beach slope profile and improve their beach sand quality


BHMK was appointed as the marine sub-contractor for the project. Analysis of the existing topography survey was conducted. New samples of washed beach sand were submitted for the client’s approval and a new proposed beach crest and profile were designed and submitted to D.M. for approval.

The client requested to have a 150 meters long completely flat area on the east side of the beach for concessions and large events.

Upon approval of the submitted drawings, the work commenced in August 2021.


The project took place in the summer of 2021 when the hotel occupancy rate was at the minimum. We completely renovated the beach at the Sofitel Resort the palm.

The new sand is whiter more uniform in shape and free from any contaminant.

The beach’s new profile curve is more suitable for the beachgoers and the relative elevation of the hardscape area of the resort till the HAT line of the water.

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