W Resort – Palm JumeirahBeach Profiling & Nourishment works

W Hotels is a major American luxury chain of hotels with a unique approach to marketing toward lifestyle and younger generations. W hotel is part of Marriot International.

Their first major Resort in UAE was opened in Dubai Palm Jumeirah back in 2018.

The Resort is built on the west crescent of Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai.


During the construction of the hotel back in 2015 till 2018, the contractors used the beach area of the hotel as their storage yard for various types of building materials. From the pipes and cables to concrete blocks and tiles. This along with the regular movement of trucks and heavy equipment on the beach made the sand very compacted and contaminated for guest use.  


BHMK was appointed as the marine contractor for the project. We surveyed the site and found out that the elevation of the beach requires reprofiling to become more in line with the neighboring plot. 

We also removed more than 800 cubic meters of construction rubbish and other contaminants from the beach and low tide areas of the water.

We also supplied 3400 cubic meters of washed and filtered beach sand to replace the existing sand.


The project took place in December 2017 just before the hotel opens its doors to the public. During the 14 days course of the project, we completely renovated the beach at W resort the palm. The new sand is whiter more uniform in shape and free from any contaminant.

The beach’s new profile curve also became a uniform 12V:1H standard beach slope.

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