Waldorf Astoria Resort – Palm JumeirahBeach Profiling & Nourishment works

Waldorf Astoria is the top-tier collection brand of the Hilton group of hotels and resorts. Their major enterance to the UAE market started with the Waldorf Astoria Resort – Palm Jumeirah. 


Since the hotel opened its doors to the public back in 2014, thousands of guests have used the beach area. Due to its location on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, the beach area of the hotel has a narrow width. The riprap sea defense on the east side of the beach is where the major erosion occurs. 

  • Beach erosion needs to be rectified
  • overall profile and the slope are too steep
  • the sand is compacted, hard, and has lots of shell content


BHMK was appointed by the hotel management to renovate the beach and make it ready for the high season of 2022. Upon studying the historical records of the area, we found out that the riprap wall on the eastern side of the property is where the drifted sand gets deposited and then eventually eroded.

We conducted a topographical survey to find out the elevation of hardscape in comparison to the DMD data of HAT and LAT movements on daily basis. Then we calculated the required cut & fill to fix the beach slope along with the reclamation of the eroded area.

And finally, we supplied the hotel with high-quality washed beach sand to be used for profiling of the beach.


During the project we have utilized:
• 106 x Trips of tipper trucks each loaded with 20 cubic meters of washed and sieved 3mm beach sand.
• 1 x Caterpillar 950H Wheel Loader
• 1 x Manpower
• 2 x Supervisors
A total of 2120 cubic meters of washed beach sand was supplied in the first 3 days of the work commencement.
The existing beach slope has been changed and elevated on an average of 25CM from the water high tide area to the plot hardscaped Border.

The eroded sections of the beach on the east side have been reclaimed.

The newly supplied sand was laid on top o the existing sand to provide a much softer beach experience for the guests.

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