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Beach Sieve 2000

The Beach Sieve 2000 works with Rotary Screen Technology. The sand is picked up by the pickup with spring tines and transported to the rotating screen belt. Here, even the smallest particles of dirt, such as crown caps, shards, or cigarette butts, are screened out. Larger items, such as stones or plastic waste, are also reliably collected. The cleaned sand falls back to the ground. The different settings of the spring tines allow the operator to switch between screening, raking, and mixing technology and thus react quickly to special conditions, such as wet, heavy sand.


Efficient allrounder

With a loading volume of 1.5 m³ and a working width of 1.85 m (6 ft), the BeachTech 2000 is versatile in use

The compact beach cleaner Beach Sieve 2000 is a real all-rounder! With a working width of 1.85 m, it has an area coverage of up to 22,000 m² per hour. At the same time, it has high maneuverability and is therefore also suitable for narrow access roads or narrow beach sections. With the Beach Sieve 2000, you are relying on a beach cleaner that is hard to beat in terms of reliability and efficiency: its flexible application options and low maintenance intensity make the Beach Sieve 2000 the perfect solution for your beach.  


Optimal cleaning results

Thanks to the sieve belt cleaning technology, the beach cleaner reliably picks up even the smallest dirt particles and leaves the surface a clean and safe spot

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