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Red Sand / Red Dune Sand / Sweet Sand

Red sand also known as sweet sand, red dune sand, or sweet soil is widely available in UAE mainly in Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah Emirates.

In the construction sector, this type of sand is mainly used for backfilling trenches over underground cables or piping works as this type of sand is light, hence reducing the weight load on the underground infrastructure.

Red sand is also widely used for in-between interlock pavers, cement blocks, and other cement-based products.

Red sand is also a suitable material for agricultural and gardening purposes as it contains lower salt content and have some of the required minerals suitable for plants and trees.

In the construction sector, red sand is known as soft sand or dune sand and is mainly used for backfilling over underground pipes and cables.

We supply and transport first-grade high-quality red dune sand in bags and bulk quantities in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi.


Advantages & Uses

  • Pavers
  • landscaping & Gardening
  • Parks & Green areas
  • Construction works
  • In between Interlocks
  • Lightweight cement block manufacturing
  • Decorative works
  • Cable Laying & Pipe Laying
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