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Beach Profiling & Nourishment

Beach Profiling and beach nourishment works are some of the most effective means of maintaining a high-quality beach.

In places where a complete redesign and development of the beach is not necessary, beach profiling and nourishment works help to renew the existing sand, widen the beach and change the angle of attack of the sea tides in order to reduce the sand loss.

Complete Beach Profiling

Beach profiling is an effective way to widen the beach, reclaim back the lost beach space due to erosion and sand loss, and improve the overall beach design in order to have more usable beach space.

Beach Profiling Beach sand supply dubai uae hotel beach sand BHMKBeach Profiling work requires a careful study of the beach site location, its seasonal tide and wind conditions, historic records of sand erosion, and slope changes. After conducting a study of the above items, we proceed with measurements and slope design calculations. The main stages of beach profiling work are as below:

  • Site Survey / Topography pre-survey
  • Beach area slope design
  • Autocad Drawings
  • Drafting of the method statement
  • Estimates of the needed sand quantity
  • Dubai Municipality Coastal zone – Permits and NOC
  • Mobilizing the heavy equipment
  • Removing/shifting the old sand
  • Supply of the fresh new high-quality beach sand
  • Profiling and nourishment works
  • final tests -Post Survey
  • Project Handover
  • final tests -Post Survey

Nourished Beach Dubai UAE Hotel beach supply BHMK

Our goal is to enable you to offer your guests a 5-star beach experience and increase guest satisfaction.

Beach Nourishment

Oftentimes, the beach size and its overall landscaping are fine and do not need complete profiling and makeover. Many hotels in UAE and Dubai have a very high turnaround of guests all year round.

This increases beach use and after several years, the sand on the beach loses its natural shell content and gets mixed with larger concentrations of foreign objects from dust to small gravel and even sometimes litter.

This significantly reduces the quality of the sand and overall beach which eventually leads to guest inconvenience. 

With our vast experience in beach nourishment works, we can offer fast, cost-effective solutions for replacing the old sand with high-quality filtered and double-washed fine beach sand at your premises.

We understand the value of your beach and we are very flexible in terms of capability, equipment, and working hours to ensure minimum inconvenience to your guests during the course of the nourishment works.

BHMK is a Dubai Municipality-approved Marine contractor / Consultant with capabilities from underwater excavation and dredging works to coastal protection and beach nourishment works. 

We provide all the related services for marine engineering and NOC, Permits from the Dubai municipality Coastal Zone, Nakheel Marine Engineering department, and other related authorities.

Failure to obtain the required permits from the Dubai Municipality, will result in fines not less than AED 500,000.00 

  • Landscaping companies, Technical Contractos or Transport Companies are NOT ALLOWED to conduct beach nourishment works.



Lets start

The first step is to give us a call or send us an email inquiry. Our Specialists will set an appointment with you and will survey your beach area. We will determine the quantity of sand you need and will bring you a few samples to choose from. Then we will send you a quotation. Once everything is approved and paperwork is done, we will start the work

The above services are not only for hotels and resorts, whether you own a private beach villa or a beach club, beach restaurant or a beach sports facility, and need a flawless beautiful and clean beach, we will be happy to assist you.

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