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Excavation Contracting Dubai UAE BHMK MKBH

Deep Excavations / Sand Shifting / Back Filling / Rubbish Removal

BHMK Building Materials Offers extensive excavation services for small and large projects within the Emirate of Dubai.

We offer Deep excavation, sand pile shifting as well as leveling, rolling, and backfilling for the same project.

BHMK currently has the capacity to engage in 5 excavation jobs simultaneously using its heavy equipment division to offer the below services.

We will assist you all the way from getting the required permissions from the Dubai municipality to closing the final steps of the project.


  •  Residential foundation excavations in new subdivisions
  •  Initial site grading
  •  Bulk and detailed excavations for commercial sites
  •  Backfilling
  •  Compaction
  •  Final grading

Required Documents:

In order for us to be able to send you a price quotation you will need to send us the below information:

  • Soil Report
  • Plot Number – Makani Number
  • Quantity (cubic meters of materials to be excavated)
  • Approx Start date of excavation work
How can we help you ?

Whether your company is participating in a tender or have a BOQ, we will assist you in sourcing the right products.

Heavy Equipment

Bobcat leveling sand beach sand white sand supplier dubai uae BHMK beach profiling beach renovation company

Skid Steer wheel loader

  • Type: S450 wheel loader - small
  • Make:  Bobcat
  • Deployment: Leveling
BHMK Excavation wheel Loader caterpillar Dubai UAE

Mechanical Wheel Loader

  • Type: CAT 950H , 938F Medium & Large
  • Make: Caterpillar
  • Deployment: Excavation / Loading / Leveling
BHMK Excavator Dubai UAE


  • Type: CAT 323 Medium Excavator
  • Make: Caterpillar
  • Deployment: Deep Excavation / Material Shifting

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