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Company Overview

BHMK Building Materials started in an effort to address the growing demand for high-quality, sustainable construction material products in UAE & GCC markets. With rapid changes in the construction industry environment, changes in the ways of supplying materials are also required. Construction materials these days should use the highest and latest technologies in their development in order to be sustainable, low-cost, and efficient.

BHMK building materials found a large gap in the market for quality building material supply and support locally as well as within the region. BHMK has been successful in supplying various small and large-scale projects, including some of the most iconic constructions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that regionally and globally are recognized as the gold standard of building development both in terms of architectural design, engineering, and quality.

Today BHMK is one of the leading suppliers of Sands & Aggregates in the UAE. Our area of specialty in materials such as white sand covers all the steps of the supply chain. From Excavation to sand shifting, stockpiling, washing, filtering to transportation, and final leveling and grading.

BHMK is a brand affiliated with :

  • MKBH Building Materials Trading LLC
  • Blue Coast Marine Contracting LLC
  • Old City Sand Washing LLC
  • Old City Construction Waste & Demolition Recycling LLC

We are actively looking for developers, contractors, and consultants to expand our partnership and offer them our products and services as well as our expertise in overcoming challenging projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of services and products with the most competitive prices to our customers. Offering best customer support and using the fastest and most efficient methods of supply chain solutions to bring products to the hands of our customers rapidly from various parts of UAE.

The core business of BHMK focuses on sourcing and supplying building materials, construction supplies, Excavations, Sand shifting and transportation, Beach development, Beach nourishment and Beach profiling works

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading suppliers of building material products in the region. Starting with Dubai and UAE as a home market and expanding rapidly to the other MENA countries in the following years.

How can we help you ?

Whether your company is participating in a tender or have a BOQ, we will assist you in sourcing the right products.

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