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Crushed aggregate is made from crushing the stones derived from the mountains using specific methods and machinery to certain sizes.

Crushed Aggregates come in different shapes, colors, and sizes depending on the quarries and requirements of the customers.  In UAE most of the mountains are located in the northern emirates of Fujairah and RAK; thus most of the crushing companies are located on the mountainside of these emirates.

Crushed aggregate sourced from the mountain range in UAE are mostly of Gabbro or Basalt and they come in grey or darker colors 

lighter color gravels are mainly Limestones and are sourced from Hatta/Oman Mountain range

Size & Types

Aggregate 3/4

Color: Grey

Size: 3/4 of an inch = 15mm – 20mm

Large size aggregate that is used for a wide variety of construction & landscaping applications. Aggregate 3/4 is most used in road building, landfilling as well as decorating works in landscaping projects.

Aggregate 3/8

Color: Grey

Size: 3/8 of an inch = 5mm – 10mm

Medium-sized aggregate can be used either alone or as a mix with either aggregate 3/4 or aggregate 3/16 in order to balance the average size of those aggregates. Aggregate 3/8 has the same case use as the aggregate 3/4.

Aggregate 3/16

Color: Grey

Size: 3/16 of an inch = 05mm single size – Interlock Bedding

The smallest size of aggregate that we supply. Aggregate 3/16 is widely used in building construction and cement block manufacturing. It is also known as the interlock sand because it is used as the bedding layer before laying on the interlocks.


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